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To view the executed resolution and approved rule (attached), please click on the link under the "Rule Title" column.

2015 Administrative Rules Board Resolutions

Resolution Number  Rule Title  County Entity
ARB2015-0001 Establishing Regular Meetings Schedule  Administrative Rules Board
ARB2015-0002 Establishing Deadlines for Written Commentary  Administrative Rules Board
ARB2015-0003 Requirements and Time Limits Applicable to Verbal Commentary  Administrative Rules Board
ARB2015-0004 College Savings Account Program Description  Executive Office
ARB2015-0005 Capital Assets Policy  Fiscal Office
ARB2015-0006 Inventory Policy  Fiscal Office
ARB2015-0008 Various Procurement Policies Office of Procurement & Diversity
ARB2015-0009 Business and Residential Loans and Grants Policies  Department of Development
ARB2015-0010 Homeowner Mortgage Short Payoff Policy  Department of Development
ARB2015-0011 Homeowner Mortgage Subordination Policy  Department of Development
ARB2015-0012 Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program  Department of Development
ARB2015-0014 Minimum Demolition and Maintenance Standards  Department of Development
ARB2015-0015 Rules of Procedure Administrative Rules Board
ARB2015-0016 Rules of Procedure Debarment Review Board